Thank You To Dr. Ellie

Hello Ellie,

This is a long-overdue but very heart-felt thank you for the great CARE package you sent me (embarrassingly, a month ago) via (a friend).

I am the tutor in ESL (English as a Second Language) program who was facing gum surgery. And, without knowing me at all, you very kindly sent along a full mouth care kit, which I used and like very much! I’m trying to get my husband “switched over” to it. (Slowly… ) (I had some problems with a bit of sensitivity to the Act rinse; I think it’s the flavorings that made my tongue somewhat raw so I’ve had to drop the Act from my routine but otherwise the multi-step system worked very well for me.)

I’m using the past tense here because I have taken a break while recovering from the gum surgery and I am following my surgeon’s regimen. My gums were healthy, but they had recessed in one spot, sooooo to prevent future problems with loosening teeth, etc. the surgeon took a bit of tissue from the roof of my mouth and did a neat little patch job on the recessed gums. I expect to be “normal” again soon and to return to “the system.”

But I do want to express to you how very much I appreciate your taking pity on a stranger and sending along such a kind and helpful care package. I am so grateful for your humanity and generosity.

I do hope we get a chance to meet. I’ll be the one with the BIG smile.
Thank you,


Hi JP,

Thanks for your message I understand how hard it is to believe in such a bag full of assorted items. It is also difficult to do things that are different from the instructions of your health professionals.

On the other hand, I hope that sometime you will discover the full potential of this kit which looks so simple and unassuming. You may enjoy reading more about the biochemistry of this system in my recently published book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.

I have a number of endorsements from eminent dentists, hygienists and even the US Surgeon General.

The products are simple and some of them (like ACT) are often viewed with suspicion by the holistic world. I answer all these questions in my book and explain the good, bad and ugly story of fluoride, tooth whitening and many dental treatments that can be easily avoided with this system.

I would not recommend using the system in a partial way you cannot mix and match, nor “leave out” an element. This is a completely balanced approach and taking away the ACT will not do what we want. This would all be explained in Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye which is now available on Amazon.

I hope all goes well with your periodontal healing and wish you and your family a very happy 2010. You may be interested in the healing properties of fresh pineapple. As a dentist in Switzerland we would put our patients on a fresh pineapple diet before extractions or periodontal surgery to the speed of healing it was amazing.

Your surgeon may already be aware of this, but many do not:

Best Wishes,
26 Corporate Wood
Rochester, NY 14623

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