Can I Delay Extractions?

Hello Dr. Ellie,

I’ve been following your program to the nose..I live in Canada, and have ordered the ACT and Closys, and have been using the SPRY brand of xylitol mints since we don’t have Zellie’s, but I am at least getting about 12 -50 grams of xylitol spread throughout the day.

Ever since I got pregnant with my first child I’ve had teeth problems, including many cavities and 4 abscessed teeth in 8 years. I’ve gotten two extracted and two root canalled. So far on your program the results have been great, my sensitivity is gone to sweet, hot and cold…BUT, I have a hole in my back wisdom tooth (no pain) and a hole in another tooth that already has a deep filling (part of the old filling came off, and then a corner of the tooth). I had some sensitivity to sweet, but now after being on your program for a few months I don’t anymore.

The problem I have is that, the lower bottom molar already has a deep filling with a cap put over the pulp, but my dentist said that if he goes in to replace the filling, he’ll have to redo the entire tooth and I’ll either have to get another root canal or have an extraction. At the same time he would extract my upper wisdom tooth with the hole, since its too far back to fill properly. I am still nursing and want to delay any big oral surgeries for another year. Since I have no pain (and the sensitivity I did have is gone), can I afford to delay the extractions/possible root canal? I sort of feel like, if my teeth don’t hurt (and I’m doing your program completely), why rush the extractions? And how long would you wait if it was yourself?

Thank you very much 🙂

Hi AB,
Yours could be a trick question from the American Dental Society! As a dentist it would be unethical for me to tell you how long you can wait without doing a full mouth evaluation.

The point is, I have worked with many patients who wanted to have their teeth fixed but I persuaded them to wait! I wanted to get rid of the disease in their mouths first – and then fill and fix whatever needed fixing when the disease had gone.

In my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye  I explain:
imagine if you had water damage on your kitchen floor. You do the repairs but will not be happy if a year later the floor needs more repairs. You would be even more unhappy if a year later the repairs were more extensive. I think this would make you suspicious.

You would probably be annoyed to find that the repair guy forgot to turn off the water tap! He left the water running and it continued to cause damage around the edges of your floor repairs!

This happens in your mouth. You must eradicate the bacterial disease.

Repairs will be much easier and long lived if you strengthen your teeth before treatment and improve any gum problems. Because my system relies on rinsing healing will occur everywhere in your mouth even in places that are difficult to fill ( like in wisdom teeth).

Usually bad signs are sensitivity to sweet and cold. If the pain is immediate and then goes away in a few seconds this is usually a reversible condition.

If the pain lasts for two minutes or more it is probable that the nerve is involved. This is now a 50-50 % chance that the nerve may die (need for a root canal etc). The chances of turnaround depend on your general body resistance to infection at this time so eat well and take your vitamins!

If a nerve in a tooth dies rinses will not change this condition you will need treatment. This pain is usually throbbing, aching toothache.

Obviously this is a quick overview and there are lots of other situations. I just want to give you an outline map to make your own decisions. In all cases these rinses and xylitol will help tip the balance to repair and natural healing!

Good luck and please let me hear your outcome in 6 months or so!
Best Wishes,


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