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Dear Dr. Ellie:

Hello and thanks for taking my question.

I have what was described to me as soft teeth since I was a child; now in my 40s,my mouth is full of bridges, crowns, and fillings. I have had numerous root canals and several extractions. My gums have receded in some areas (my dentist says from brushing too hard) and my gums used to bleed when flossing.

My dentist prescribed the use of a Waterpik with 5 drops of Clorox diluted with water to irrigate the gum line. I must say that this worked wonders but is it safe?

Also, where my gums receded, the tops of the teeth are an unsightly light brownish color. The areas are not scaly, but smooth and my doc says these are just the gums receding, no more, and nothing can be done to make those teeth look better. (The areas are a bit sensitive).

Is this true? I can’t believe nothing can be done

I take such meticulous care of my mouth: I brush and floss 3x a day and rinse with peroxide/water and STILL have all these problems! It’s very disheartening.

Thank you and regards,

Philly, PA

Hi S,

You most certainly can gain control and enjoy great oral health again and I am here to help you!

Wow Clorox ! Hmmmm.
Someone I know tried that a long time ago and someone else I know used Comet Cleaner!
These things I would NOT recommend!

The guy who used comet cleaner had terrible damage to his teeth from the chlorine. His teeth were crumbly and soft chipping and breaking. I put him immediately on my Complete Mouth Care System. Four years later he was in an accident and hit his entire jaw on a metal pole….No damage at all Now his teeth are stronger than iron!

Today his teeth are even more spectacular white, shiny, healthy and strong all from years on my Complete Mouth Care System and eating Zellies during the day, after every meal and drink.

This would be my suggestion to you begin as soon as you can, and use the system for at least two years before you wonder about other treatment options. You may be able to reclaim some lost gum tissue but you MUST be gentle to your gums relying more on my suggested rinses and Zellies to clean your mouth than on digging and flossing. I do not recommend the Waterpik. Rinsing seems to work fine and the results we get are great!

I suggest the Complete Mouth Care System two times a day ( you may want to drop the third cleaning that you are doing…..and just rinse with ACT after lunch plus some Zellies!) Sometimes people make their teeth TOO clean which can be bad. I think this is what may have happened to you.

When ALL the bacteria are gone, teeth are unprotected and vulnerable to damage from the acids in foods and drinks. I never recommend baking soda for teeth because it is TOO good a cleaner!

Baking soda is great for the refrigerator, but not for teeth. People who use baking soda often get horrible gum recession because their natural protection has been “cleaned” away.

By eating xylitol and using my rinsing system you will eradicate bad bacteria but nurture good ones. You need some healthy bacteria on teeth to protect them and help them be strong.

I think you would really enjoy reading my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye  because I tell stories of people just like you how they turned everything around in a matter or weeks. Trust me what do you have to loose except the frustration of weak teeth after all the effort you put in?

I am certain that in a few weeks you will gain confidence. After using the system for a few months you will understand what has happened and realize that you have gained control over your oral health forever!

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2010,


Ellie Phillips DDS
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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