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My two year old has cavities. Trying to reverse or halt the decay with lots of xylitol, diet, etc. Our current Pediatric Dentist wants to pull her four front teeth and put caps on her back molars. I want to try an alternative. She is not in any pain…Also I have heard very positive things about ozone therapy but I am having trouble finding a dentist that uses it. Can it help?
Love reading and educating myself through your site! Thank You!

– L

Hi L,

Cavities are caused by a mouth bacteria that destroys teeth.
This bacteria loves acidity and also loves sugary things! ( beware juice/apple drinks and anything sugary) When we eat acidic or sugary things these bacteria multiply and destroy teeth!

There are two things that wipe out these bacteria ozone and xylitol. Ozone can wipe out the bacteria quickly but, unless conditions change, there is a good chance they return.

Xylitol wipes out the bacteria slowly but the changes are permanent and your daughter’s adult teeth would benefit possibly for life. I would suggest you use xylitol even if you go for ozone therapy. At two years old, your daughter would probably love the Zellies fruit mints quick dissolving and delicious!

I would also suggest you use ACT bubblegum mouth rinse, in place of toothpaste, brushed on her teeth. The use of this dilute fluoride rinse in conjunction with xylitol will stop the cavities getting worse and they can start to reverse the damage.

Your entire family must consider the same program tooth bacteria travel from mouth to mouth and when you share food. It is easy for everyone to “clean” their mouths with xylitol and adults can use my Complete Mouth Care System to take their oral hygiene to the next level!

Good luck and I hope this information was useful to you,

Ellie Phillips DDS
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