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Dear Dr. Ellie:

Hi, I have bouts of reflux so bad I can’t sleep cause of the burning mouth pain and of course it has done damage to my teeth and gums. Wondering if Zellies could help. Reflux has been due to a nervous system imbalance after Lyme Disease that created a hiatal hernia. Nothing really has helped. I see a chiropractor and sleep propped up. Luckily, the bouts are just a few times a year lasting a few weeks. But the damage has been done, especially to the gums. I always thought a great invention would be some sort of natural, organic (wax) barrier that one could slip in their mouth at night. Do let me know if you have any ideas or if your product would help.


Hi MS,

The Complete Mouth Care System will protect your teeth and gums and also make your teeth stronger (so they will not be damaged by acid attacks).

You need to use the system twice a day every 12 hours. During the day or night you should use Zellies mints or granular xylitol dissolved in water sipped slowly. Not only does the xylitol work to make your mouth healthier but it helps alkalize the acidity from acid reflux.

I would suggest making sure your toothbrushes are as clean as possible: run through a dishwasher each day or swish out with some Listerine and allow the brush to air dry between uses. Last word about toothbrushes keep them as far as possible from toilet air contamination.

I believe if you are diligent about this system and xylitol each day you WILL notice improvement with your teeth and possibly also with the symptoms.

Final words of advice: DO NOT use baking soda in your mouth. Baking soda wipes out the protective bacteria that we are trying to establish it basically makes your teeth “squeaky clean” but possibly open to superinfection.

Hope this information helps you. Have you looked into cider-vinegar for acid reflux?
No one knows why it works but it helps many people. Maybe begin with tooth care and then look to adding in the cider vinegar to end the bouts.

Best Wishes and thanks for your question,

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