Enamel Scratches from Hygienists

Hi Dr. Ellie,

At my last dental cleaning, there were significant stains behind my teeth. I get them there very easily. The hygienist was using the scraping tool and with considerable force was scraping the back of my tooth. I asked her what she was doing, she said “removing the stains from the back of your teeth”. I said, “Does this hurt or scratch the enamel” and she gave me the typical line “no, your enamel is much stronger than these tools”.

Well, I grabbed a LED pen light (powerful), took a mirror and placed it in my mouth and faced my mirror on the wall lights off except the pen light and what I saw horrified me. It’s like someone who keyed a car there are scratches/craze lines perhaps everywhere horizontal, vertical. This is on all the laterals and incisors.

Is scraping to clean stains standard hygienist practice? I have craze lines everywhere. I’m hoping you’ll tell me that your CWT will fix it all.

What is the best way to remove deep stains from your teeth – especially on the back. I’ve used your system and the stains back there do not remove. It is safer to bleach them or to have the removed and by what method? There are also chips. The teeth look like they need to get cleaned but the enamel damage has got me very scared. Is there any way to remineralize this mechanical damage the scratches and the craze lines?


Dear H,
Yes, you are correct I am going to refer you to using my system!

Repairs will occur naturally and slowly at the kind of speed that bones repair.
It takes a couple of months so check again in 8-10 weeks and you should start to see some improvements.

Stains are often plaque that has become discolored or it can be soft enamel that gets stained in the open spaces (You MUST read my new book to learn more about the structure of enamel) www.KissYourDentistGoodbye.com

You will understand that as your enamel naturally hardens it will resist staining.
It will become smooth so less plaque sticks to it and finally there will be less plaque bacteria to stick to your teeth.

Mouth acidity of any kind is the thing that starts staining.
Acidity can come from what you drink, eat or just acidic saliva (from stress or medications).
If you breathe through your mouth the exhaled air with CO2 in it becomes a source of acidity as it meets the moist tissues of your mouth.

So – what to do?
MY system !!!! plus lots of moments during the day when you nibble Zellies.
Make sure that after anything acidic (coffee, tea etc) you immediately eat a Zellie mint.
You could rinse your mouth with water and then eat one if the drink was dark in color (to protect your teeth at this time from absorbing the stain – since they are still soft). I also recommend making a “tooth wash” from granular xylitol (about a teaspoon) dissolved in water to sip after meals and drinks to wash away the liquids from your teeth….keep it with you all day long.

Use of Closys will help remove these surface stains.
The Crest toothpaste is just abrasive enough to remove plaque without scratching. The original Crest is make from silica of a perfect texture. (Many health food store and expensive pastes ( even ones with xylitol) are coarse and will also scratch teeth badly)…..be aware there are so many hazards trust me please!!

Good luck and let me know how your teeth look in a few weeks.
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