Better go with ACT

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Hi, just like to tell you I tried oral b fluoride rinse-fluorinse (Canada). I received ACT today and tried it. You are right it has this clingy feel, fluorinse does not-both have 0.05% sodium fluoride. Those who are using substitutes I would say the inactive ingredients are just as important as the active ingredients. Better to go with ACT.


Hi D,

I say over and over that you cannot just look at active ingredients it is sometimes inactive ingredients and sometimes a combination of factors……I keep saying the same thing… over and over! I am so glad you agree with me!

I think you will enjoy my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye which will be available in stores January 1st 2010 it explains lots of these things.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Holiday!
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  • Andrew says:

    I'm guessing by the use of Oral B's fluorinse, and the mention of Canada, that D is from Canada.So am I. I have to wonder where D got ACT. I haven't ever seen it up here.

  • Guy says:

    ACT:Online from international drugstore: (cheapest…)Do a search for anticavity floride rinseor: Zellies websiteCloSys: Same as above and also http://www.welmart.caXylitol candies (besides Zellies)- xylitolcanada. (Inexpensive)

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