Update after Crown

Ellie How are you? Well I had my crown inserted yesterday and all went well. During my appointment I brought up your system since he was amazed how well my teeth looked.

He said once you have restorations you really need to pay extra care to them. I said but I use these rinses! and I take xylitol he said, continue what you are doing obviously it is working.
I gave him your list of rinses and he told me that he is not really a big computer person, but will log on to check out the information. I told him tell your patients to try it for a few months – and then make your decision if it is all that it says it is. He agreed.

I told the dentist; I attribute my good dental health to Ellie she is wonderful and has helped me out when no one wanted to, or could. And that is the truth. You have been there for me every step of the way and I truly appreciate your advice and guidance. 

Will speak to you soon.


Dear M:

This sounds like a very happy ending!

I think if you continue to use the system, in five more months we will have your dentist convinced! Maybe he will order my book from Amazon and read it! Ha! you never know…..

Thanks for all the nice words I am delighted to be of help to you.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Best Wishes,

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  • Jane says:

    I live in Canada and can't find ACT anywhere in my town. I bought the Oral-B rinse with fluoride since it was all I can find. Would this be ok to use instead? My 18 months old seems to have ECC and I was wondering if I can use it on the a q-tip to rub on her teeth. Thanks!

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    For EEC you should consider granular xylitol to give your daughter as a drink after meals ( or get some Zellies fruity mints!) The use of this fluoride rinse on a q – tip in addition to the xylitol will help to reverse some of the damage.The use of xylitol and dilute fluoride together is synergistic ( they work together in harmony). Only the xylitol will eradicate the disease bacteria that is causing this damage. The entire family must start to control the disease in their mouths also.Bacteria are spread between family members – during kissing, sharing foods and just living together. Last thought – make sure to keep her toothbrush clean and separate from anyone in the family with dental disease!Ellie http://www.zellies.com26 Corporate WoodsRochester, NY 14623(585) 272-1270

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