Is Polishing Safe for Teeth?

Dear Dr. Ellie,

My teeth were polished recently by my dentist to remove orthodontic cement. My tooth was smooth, but since then, my teeth have been sensitive and the tooth surface rough. Is polishing safe for the tooth enamel or does it remove enamel to some degree which causes this roughness? What should I do to have this roughness turn smooth should I have it polished with sort of paste, or instrument? I think my enamel is thin to begin with from age (I’m in my 40’s and the orthodontic treatment and removing the adhesives/cement)?

I know she uses a Shofu Ceramiste Midi-Point #256B-FG Gritt Ultra and occasionally sandpaper disks from Moore Discs Garnet 5/8 or Sof-Lex from 3M or round carbide bur FG/ 1/4. Pastes she uses are Proxyt, Ivoclar Vivadent.

What do you suppose is the cause of this roughness?

Also…when I had my orthodontics removed, my enamel was what I perceive to be significantly damaged (I’ve sent close-up photos in a previous email). These include left over cement and resin, chips and ALL of my teeth suffered craze lines. Can the CWT System remineralize craze lines to the point of disappearance or are they permanent. What about the chips, left over cement/resins and sticky products that appear to be stuck on the teeth despite the standard cleaning and polishing which has not improved this. Do I need a varnish, polishing, etc;? I’m concerned that the repair may actually cause damage, but I don’t know. My enamel is in poor condition as you can see from the photos and the vertical craze lines very concerning to me.

Thank you.


Dear J,

I really cannot give you what you are looking for definite answers. I can only tell you stories of people who have turned soft and crumbly teeth into shiny, healthy enamel in about two years using my system.

Obviously mouth rinses cannot remove particles of old resin from the brackets but the system that I recommend will encourage natural healing the kind of healing that takes you slowly from where you are today to a better place tomorrow.The old extra resin is annoying but if it were me I would probably postpone having this removed for at least a couple of months. Remember that teeth are like bones and have a regeneration capability similar to bone. Outer tooth surface, in particular, can heal if you combine xylitol and the kind of fluoride in ACT (especially when used in the system that I recommend).

Yesterday one of my friends (who recently started on my system) went to her dentist. He told her the rinses I recommend were not strong enough. He sold her paste for $30 and made an appointment for her to see another dentist. What can I say? I cannot get between a dentist and the patient nor can I diagnose over the Internet even with excellent pictures like yours.

I have nothing to “sell” my friend except advice that I totally believe in along with thousands of others who enjoy improved oral health. If I were her I would return the paste for a refund and get on my system of care immediately and exactly the way I recommend.

I can say that if I looked at your teeth with your mouth open in my dental office, I would give you the same advice that I give on the Internet to everyone. IF YOU ARE DILIGENT and use the sequence of rinses in the order I suggest every twelve hours, and nibble Zellies mints and gum throughout the day after EVERY SINGLE thing that you eat or drink I believe you will FEEL enough difference before the end of the year to become a believer.

I specify Zellies because I don’t know if the other brands will give the same results the results I describe are from people doing what I have just described the sequence of very ordinary rinses and Zellies…..but every day, all day…exactly as described.

I will try to call you later today
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