Granular Xylitol for Athletes

Dear Dr. Ellie,

While I always get an A++ from my dentist for oral hygiene, lately my fall checkups turn up some cavities. Part of the reason maybe that in the spring, summer and fall I ride a bicycle a lot, including some racing. 

To maintain energy with this kind of riding I drink a complex carbohydrate drink (Cytomax in my case). One drinks a little at a time so I have sugar water in my mouth over 6 hour periods many times. I have tried cutting back on the Cytomax and drinking more plain water. That had rather disastrous results in performance and actually safety in riding.

Question: do you think adding granular xylitol to the water bottle with the cytomax would help counteract the sugary environment. Or perhaps a water bottle with a solution of the granular xylitol and water that I could drink between sips of the Cytomax? If you think this might help I would appreciate an idea as to how much xylitol to add per, say, 8 oz of drink or water.

Thank you for your time,


I would think xylitol will be an asset for an athlete like you. Bodybuilders like xylitol because it helps preserve muscle

My immediate thought would be to put fruit Zellie mints into a salt pill container
I think they actually make them to attach to your bike. Zellies mints are quick dissolving
so crunch them up and they will be gone out of your mouth very quickly. I somehow think the fruit will be better taste with the drinks you drink.

I would imagine that Zellies mints would fit into a salt pill container and you could pop a mint after most of your drinks. If you take 18 mints during your ride it would still only be 9 grams of xylitol so this would be an easy and efficient way to “nibble’ xylitol and protect your teeth.

In addition I would highly recommend that you consider using my Complete Mouth Care System of oral care morning and night. If you start this program immediately along with the Zellies mints to protect your teeth from the sugar drinks you may be able to reverse some of the damage. Cavities can heal themselves if you provide them with the correct conditions.

Good luck and although granular xylitol would be some use dissolved into the drink, it would not protect your teeth enough from the acidic and sweet conditions that are obviously damaging your teeth.

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