Honey and Teeth

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I am starting your program. I’ve got xylitol (birch wood), and I’m waiting on my ACT to arrive. Just to clear something up: if you have lets say a Tablespoon of honey then take a tsp of xylitol you’re saying you will get no negative effects from the sugar in the honey??


Hi D,

The sugar in the honey does not directly harm teeth.

Any carbohydrate in food that you eat gives energy to bacteria called Strep mutans. Strep mutans reproduce using energy from food  as they do this, they put out acids.
These are the acids which damage teeth and they also make your entire mouth acidic.

Acidity weakens teeth by dissolving minerals out of the tooth structure. If acidity is generalized teeth get weaker, stain more easily and wear down.

If acidity is concentrated against the tooth surface ( in plaque) the tooth in that area breaks down and forms a cavity. So, Strep mutans are one problem, and acidity is another problem even though they are really both acidity problems!

The great news is that when you eat xylitol it takes away mouth acidity and it gets rid of Strep mutans!

So yes, if you eat any carbohydrate or drink anything acidic follow it with some xylitol. This will reverse the acidity protecting your teeth and also help rid your mouth of Strep mutans!

If you continue to eat at least 6.5 grams of xylitol each day ( after meals 3-5 times a day) you will gradually eradicate almost all the Strep mutans from your mouth.

You still need to protect your teeth but you will feel the difference!

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