When to Pick and Floss

Hi again Ellie,

You said that we should not brush teeth until the teeth are is alkalyzed with Closys. Would that same principle hold true before using toothpicks and floss for removing large food particles?

To focus on surface stains temporarily, is it OK during the day for the only rinse to be Closys and then dissolve zellies in the mouth; and for Act to be the last rinse after the last meal?


PS. I’ve been referring everyone I come into contact with to your website.

Hi P,

I think flossing and picking etc ( if you need to do this) is best before you start using any of the rinses. Please be gentle and try not to make your gums bleed I don’t think making gums bleed is healthy for you (or for them).

To remove surface stains you need to use the system morning and night and eat Zellies (and/or have xylitol) after EVERY meal, snack, or drink. If you want to rinse your mouth after eating you can use tap water followed by some Zellies it will work well and cost less!

Use the routine twice a day: the rinses in the correct sequence WILL work give them time!
Also, don’t peer at your teeth under fluorescent light. Fluorescent lighting always makes teeth look darker and yellower. The way enamel reflects light you need to take your mirror to daylight and look at your teeth!

Make sure that the last rinse in your mouth at night is ACT (spit it out) and then go to bed.
Be patient your teeth will thank you.

Thanks so much for your support and for helping spread dental joy to your friends!
Wishing you a Happy Holidays

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