Dr. Ellie,

I wanted to let you know my husband has been very faithful in doing the full mouth kit that you sent him. He said his mouth feels so smooth, and his teeth feel wonderful! I was very surprised that he consistently kept it up since he received it. He is not one to stick with anything for long. He said he noticed a difference in his mouth since the first day! I believe that is probably why he has continued with the system.

Thank you again for thinking of my husband and sending him the information and supplies. We are most grateful. Stay in touch.


Hi R,

Thanks so much for your message. I am delighted to hear that you husband has found the benefits of my system.

You are correct people feel a positive difference very quickly and the physical benefits are noticed on teeth and soft tissues within a couple of months. These benefits are usually noticed at the patient’s next dental visit and then if people continue with the system, the benefits become stunning by the end of a year or two.

People who get through their first dental visit and continue usually stay on the system forever and become passionate themselves! The biggest problem is when the system is denounced at the first dental visit, or if new ideas are presented by the dentist and “mixed in” to system.

My system is a balance of products just like a cake recipe and if you mix and match with “other” products the outcome will not be the same.

Most hygienists are educated regularly by visiting salespeople for oral care companies. “Marketing arguments” can may make a lot of sense. Ha! ha!

The other small problem is that when plaque is reduced and “killed off” by xylitol it can shrink down and become a thin dark band around the base of teeth, at the gum line. One cleaning at the dentist will clean this away and it should not return. Some inexperienced hygienists worry patients about this stain without noticing the amazing improvement in gingival health.

I try to explain that I am not a salesperson for any of these rinses or toothpaste companies. I am a clinical dentist who has seen results and noticed that a specific group of products can allow people to enjoy oral health at a new and amazing level with minimal effort and even without flossing!

Thank you for the dental office addresses. I will be in contact with them in a little while perhaps when I have some more targeted literature to offer. The best “advertising” for my system are the results that dentists SEE when patients stay on the system for years.

Thanks again for your interest please let me know how future dental visits go!

Best Wishes,
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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