Spots on teeth each morning

Hey Dr. Ellie,

My name is Jay and I had a quick question. For some reason all day my teeth will be white and normal, but once I go to sleep and wake up for some reason I always have light and dark spots on my two front teeth. I have tried many whitening toothpastes but nothing seems to work. And, this discoloration only happens once I go to sleep. My dentist said this was cuz my teeth were drying out, but how can I fix this, thanks in advance.


Hi J, I agree with your dentist that this sounds like damage occurring to your teeth, at night while you sleep. Think of tooth enamel like a sponge full of holes. During the day this sponge absorbs liquids from your mouth and if these liquids have minerals in them the holes are filled with minerals. This makes your teeth look normal. When the “sponge” dries out, or if minerals disappear tooth color will change. Porous teeth ( full of holes) looks opaque white, or brown. When teeth are filled with minerals it looks shiny and healthy and glistening white. I would recommend my entire system of oral care. If you are not prepared to do this then at least try using ACT rinse before bed at night, and use only Crest Regular paste to clean your teeth (NEVER whiteing this is acidic and dissolves minerals FROM your teeth). Zellies mints and gum will help build minerals into your teeth eat some after meals during the day or whenever your teeth are dry. Hope this is useful information.

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