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Hi Ellie

When my dentist was filing down my tooth on the upper left, the air and water from his drill was hitting this area on the upper right and a few times I had to stop him. The cold air and water was a killer. But momentary. He said – when you have an extraction the gum can shrink back and expose a painful area. What you are feeling is very common and normal. Just because you have root canal doesn’t mean you will no longer feel pain. He said that the bridge will cover up that exposure and it will be okay.

I don’t know Ellie, I would hate to have all this work done and have this tooth react every time I eat cold. What is your opinion? This started to happen about 4 months ago and surgery was a year ago. He cleaned it out a little and now it feels a little sore probably from his cleaning around the gum line.

Your input is appreciated. He said it is all gum related.


Hi M:

I am glad your procedures went well.

I agree with your dentist that the sensitivity is most likely gum related. It may improve with a bridge – but the best advice I can give is for you to re-asses your use of my system!

My system is like a cake recipe and subtle changes will affect the protection it offers you:

1. Do you start with Closys before brushing EVERY day and night? (very important for gum health)
2. Do you ensure your toothbrush is clean
every day?
3. Do you use only Crest Regular original paste?
4. Do you give ACT lots of time to “soak” in to your teeth?
5. Do you have at least 6.5 grams of xylitol each and every day? (in divided doses – especially after anything acidic or after a meal/snack)
6. Never use anything with baking soda or peroxide –
7. Pay attention and let the Closys rinse wash around this area of sensitivity. This rinse is incredible at helping with gum issues.
8. The entire system is needed if you are going to enjoy the protection that it can offer.

Good luck and let me know how things progress,

Best Wishes,


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