Healthy Teeth…With Spots

Hi Ellie –

I go through all your blog questions one or more times a week and it is funny — it makes me want to brush! Every time!

Hey I have a question – I have not gotten a cleaning in well over a year. I have followed your system literally for 5 years or so… My teeth are super strong and healthy and shiny… but… I have small brown spots. And they seem to float over my teeth but I can’t brush them off. I am sure this is just dead plaque or benign stains from hot tea…I hardly ever have “plaque” build-up… I am neurotic about my xylitol.. My husband is out of work (going on 6 months now) and we don’t have dental insurance. I hate to pay out of pocket for a cleaning when I know it is just cosmetic – my teeth are healthy after-all…

Is there anything I can do that would remove these small spotty (light brown) stains without damaging the teeth, or should I just wait until we have insurance and go get the cleaning then??


Hi M,

This is a stain question I get from time to time. I think you need to consider it may be re-infection – I believe this happens if people who faithfully use my system have spouses or other family members that may be infecting them – in a slow, kind of subclinical way. I also see this with people who skip a night or two – or only use the system once a day. I don’t have a good reply.

My best suggestion is to gently brush with a little salt – carefully because it is abrasive! Your could mix the salt with Crest toothpaste- Let me know if you find this successful. I would NOT recommend baking soda or peroxide. The reason I am so against these products is that I am almost certain these products wipe out the good/healthy bacteria as well as the bad – leaving you “unprotected” and at risk of re-infection from harmful mouth bacteria – not good!

Let me know what happens – good and bad …..I need to figure out a answer to this one!


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