Hi Dr. Ellie,

You are the Best! I’ve been on your system. for four months and am absolutely loving the results. thank you for sharing your expertise with us. I have a quick question re: xylitol. is it more effective to let a packet of granular xylitol dissolve directly in the mouth (i.e. dissolve in mouth and swish around) or is dissolving in water and sipping throughout the day just as effective? I was thinking that a more concentrated version of xylitol might be a better plaque / bacteria fighter, but I’m not sure. Thanks so much.


Hi SY,

The research says it does not matter how you enjoy your xylitol.

The research does show, however, that you must consume at least 6 grams a day divided into at least 3-4 separate times during the day to have plaque reducing effects.

The biochemistry of the mouth suggests that after meals is the most useful time for xylitol.
It seems that granular xylitol, mints or gum is better at stimulating a flow of alkaline saliva than a solution of xylitol dissolved in water.

Stimulating alkaline saliva flow is important for someone trying to strengthen their teeth.

If your problems are periodontal or you are just trying to “prevent” plaque – then xylitol in water may work fine. If you have damaged teeth or are fighting cavities – I would suggest granular, mints or gum.

This is a very good question!


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