Allergic to Closys?

Dear Dr. Ellie:


I started your system and I noticed that Closys makes me wheeze and it gets much worse each time. I’ve only used it 4 times. I think this is an allergic reaction to Closys. I remember trying Closys a few yrs ago and returning it to the store right away, but I couldn’t remember why so I thought I would try it again. I am pretty sure I cannot use Closys.

What can I substitute for closys? (profresh? something alkaline like vinegar in water? Another alkaline mouthwash like alkathyme?)

Thanks very much.


Dear Anonymous:

I suggest you alkalize your mouth with either salty water or eat some xylitol (a Zellies mint) before you brush.

It is a shame that you cannot use Closys since it has such a wonderful cleaning effect. Do you think diluting in water and gradually working up to full strength over a period of time may work?

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