Age is No Excuse for Yellow or Stained Teeth!

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I want to buy your products to make my teeth white again. They are stained from coffee and; tea.

I am also, 60 years old, so that doesn’t help. Where do I begin on buying the products? My funds are very limited. Do you have any free samples that I could try?


Hi PL,

Age is not an excuse! You can be way over 60 and very happy with the color of your teeth!
The best way to improve your oral health, periodontal and tooth color safely – is with the system that I recommend.

For everyone today – wasting money is a concern. I think multiple cleaning visits to the dentist can be eradicated with my system of daily care – that can be a huge savings. This system does not bring expense – you buy toothpaste and rinse anyway – making the correct choices is the thing that is important.

Walgreens often have Closys on sale – ask the store managers! Crest Regular paste is often in grocery stores on sale (Wegmans had a 99 cent offer recently) and the dollar stores sometimes. B.Js, Walmart and Sam’s Club often have offers on this paste also! Listerine comes in giant bottles – just be sure not to get lured into “Advanced” or “whitening” Listerine when searching for deals!

ACT is found in most stores – and usually under $5.00

Once you become a “believer” you start shopping where you see the deals!

Xylitol is the last piece of the puzzle. Health food stores sell granular xylitol and you can dissolve a teaspoon of this into water – and sip this xylitol-water throughout the day if you want the least expensive way to do this. Sip this as a kind of “tooth wash” after meals and if your mouth is dry during the night.

Zellies mints and gum are a fun and delicious way to enjoy xylitol. I personally believe that they are the best way to keep on the program and nibble xylitol during the day. It does not matter how you enjoy your xylitol – as long as you have at least 6 grams every day in two or three divided doses. You can mix and match to suit your lifestyle!

Good luck and I am sure you will enjoy the benefits. Improving your oral health – will impact your general health – so the value will be enormous!

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