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Hi Dr. Ellie,

I’ve been using your 3 rinse system for over a month and just started using Spry gum about a week ago. The problem is I’ve been experiencing an ache between and around my upper gums where I have gum recession. I can’t believe I have a new cavity after using your system for over a month. So I was wondering if chewing the gum is irritating it or if it is the cinnamon oil, or xylitol. I was planning on ordering your products but now I’m not sure if I should wait until my gums are better. I did not have any problems prior to using the gum. Salt water seems to help but as soon as I use the gum it comes back. Have you heard of this problem before? Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Hi L,

I doubt that the problem has anything to do with the ingredients of the Spry gum – but it may be chewing that is putting torque/stress on your teeth.

If you are not a gum-chewer they may not be used to this stress.

I would recommend Zellies breath mints which are soft and “melt’ in your mouth.
I would also suggest (to ensure an adequate dose of xylitol each day) that you dissolve a teaspoon of granular xylitol in water. Use this water as a “tooth wash” throughout the day – sipping xylitol water after anything that you eat or drink or if your mouth is dry.

If I were you I would consider what you drink during the day – is it acidic? It sounds to me as if your mouth is either too dry or you continue to have an acidic problem in your mouth. Juice is acidic, diet drinks, sports drinks etc. After any drink – use the xylitol in water or a Zellies mint to get rid of the acidity.

Good luck and let me know how this works for you!

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