Effective Tooth Care for 2 Year Old

Hi Dr. Ellie,

Based on your recommendations from your blog, I am using xylitol mints and Z water with my 2 year old daughter. I am wiping her teeth with the ACT twice a day and xlitol mints and granules 3-5 times a day. She has small decay on her upper incisors that I am trying to freeze dental time. My question is if I am using xylitol enough? The problem is that my daughter is a picky eater and she grazes throughout the day, eating something or drinking something every hour or so.

So, it seems exhausting to wipe her mouth or give her mints every time she puts something in her mouth. Do you have any suggestions? Is applying xylitol 3-5 times a day enough even though she eats something more than that? I can’t tell if the decay is spreading, one area seems to be getting darker, going from a dark yellow to dark brown. Does that sound like it is getting worse? She doesn’t drink juice out of a sippy cup all day but she is still breastfeeding and snacking throughout the day. I appreciate any recommendation, I just don’t want this decay to get worse. Is decay aggressive in spreading when you use xylitol after most of your meals?


Hi D,

If your daughter is eating a piece of cheese – that does not call for “tooth protection”. Dairy products are already tooth-protective. Breast milk is not a reason to panic either.
Your main concern should be juice and things that are acidic!

Use “xylitol protection” after fruits and juice drinks. Pick your battles, as they say!
If you have Zellies handy – you can dispense them at the “most dangerous” tooth times -after sugar or juice etc.

I am happy your entire family is using this system. Remember to clean your tooth brushes every day also. This is a bacterial infection and you have to stamp it out!

Remember research shows the benefits of xylitol are long lived. The work you are doing now will give your child “decay-preventing benefits” for years!

Darkening in tooth spot color is not a bad sign. I cannot diagnose from a computer -of course – but don’t be scared! If you are doing the xylitol and ACT you are doing all you can to protect these teeth.

I suggest you put a date (about 6 weeks from now) on your calendar – and work hard until then using this system. Give nature a chance to heal – and then let me know then how things are going.

Once you have this decay under control you will be very happy! Hang in there!

Best Wishes,

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