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Hi Ellie.

After reading the 3 steps (of the Dr. Ellie System) and doing it this morning, I wonder if it’s going to be okay to drink water and swallow a pill after I use the system in the early evening? I take meds during the evening and don’t want to “wash away”the good stuff. I’m guessing it’s okay because breakfast would wash it away if it were easily washed away. I want to get my mind around the concept.

Thank you, S

Hi Saundra,
I love questions – it helps me understand the things I need to explain more fully!

The benefit of each rinse in the system is different:
The first rinse helps you brush better – this is why I recommend using it before brushing your teeth.

Listerine does several things in that it cleans teeth really well, but it also prepares the teeth for the final rinse to work better.

The ACT rinse works to heal and strengthen teeth – but it only works while it is in contact with the tooth surface.

As soon as you wash the ACT off your teeth it stops working – its repairs stop. Any amount of time will help, but the longer ACT is in contact with your teeth (even a thin film) – the more benefits for your teeth.

This is why people have poor results if they mix and match products or use the products in a different sequence.

They do not get the results we are looking for.

It is important to leave the final rinse on your teeth for as long as you can – at least half an hour before you eat or drink anything (after spitting out the rinse). ACT is my choice of fluoride rinse because it is “thick” enough to leave a residue on teeth after you spit it out. It is not, however, goopy-thick like some fluoride gels – these do not flow into the cracks and pits of your teeth – so they do not reach the very places that need extra help.

If you drink water or eat breakfast you essentially will wash the ACT away and stop the healing.
I would suggest taking any meds or eating breakfast first, if possible, and then use the rinses at a time when you can enjoy the prolonged benefits.

If this is not possible – do what you can, but I would then suggest eating xylitol( a Zellie mint or gum) after breakfast – in fact, after all meals/drinks/snacks throughout the day.

Hope this answers the question!


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