After 3 months on the CWT system

Dr. Ellie:

I have now completed about 3 months or so on the CWT system. I have to admit my teeth feel much healthier and cleaner. However, I was shocked to see the discoloration of some of my teeth, presumably because of the “dead” mouth bacteria and plaque.


Dear M

Dead plaque is such a good but annoying thing!

You should celebrate your oral health improvements – and I think you will, once we have stabilized things for you. I have discussed the dead plaque with many patients – and I would encourage you to ensure that you are having enough xylitol each day.

Some people seem to get re-infected by family members – others seem to be at risk for this bacteria ( maybe dry mouth, mouth breathing, allergies etc.) The answer is to have a little more xylitol – get over the 6.5 grams a day threshold.

To do this, I recommend dissolving a packet of xylitol (4 grams) in a bottle of water each morning.Drink this water during the day and use it as a “tooth wash” multiple times during the day. After meals and snacks a mint or gum will take you to the recommended daily amount of xylitol to eradicate plaque bacteria.

You could even put a teaspoon and a half into the water – if this is OK with your taste.

Providing you are following the directions of my system and having enough xylitol daily – I assure you that the harmful, sticky plaque bacteria will not inhabit your mouth for much longer! Once you have had a dental visit and a cleaning – you should not be bothered by this staining any more.

Best Wishes and good luck with everything,

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