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Hi Dr. Ellie,

I just wanted to let you know that I went to the dentist after being on your program for 4 months and some of my gum pockets have shrunk from 5’s , to 3’s and 4’s…I am thrilled! Also my daughter’s small cavity is gone! The hygienist also measured my bacteria level in my mouth and said it was excellent! She did say I had a lot of staining though, which she removed. While I was there the dentist gave me a handout on a website called, and gave my daughter a lollipop that if taken for 12 days 2x a day is suppose to eliminate the bad bacteria, however it does not contain xylitol. He also recommended the rinses they sell and of course the xylitol gum.

What is your opinion on these products? Have you heard of them? Also he gave me a handout on the various tooth pastes and their abrasion level and told me to use very little if any of the low abrasives ( I already have recession). I was surprised to see that baking soda was one of the lowest, why is this? You would think it would be the highest. I don’t want to lose any more of my gum tissue, so you think I should eliminate tooth paste altogether??

Anyway, just wanted to THANK YOU ,THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for all your information!!!!! Prior to this I was on a perio program every 4 months, I was shocked when the dentist told me I don’t have to come back for 6 months….YOUR REGIME WORKS!!!!!!!!!!


Dear B

Hi,It sounds as if everything possible worked while you were using the system that I recommended. You will notice that apart from Zellies, I have nothing to do with the other products that I recommend you go to the grocery store and pick them up. Why do I go to all this trouble to recommend them? Because they are the fantastic products when used in this sequence. I can assure you that sending people out to purchase over the counter products is not a money making business!

The products I recommend and the system for using them addresses every aspect of caries risk and natural repair : I wish you would read my book coming out later this year it explains how you achieved this healing when you use the system. Results like yours are the normal result of using my system not any kind of surprise. I think your dentist should have been thrilled at the improvements. They never are! Despite the improvements and the great bacterial results, he suggested something completely different. Hmmmmm. I find this frustrating but interesting. I am familiar with the lollipops they are a Chinese herb xylitol and this herb root have been used in china for oral health. There is much more history and research on xylitol. I feel that the effects of this Chinese licorice is not as well documented I have some of these pops in my office but decided I was not confident in their long term effects so never handed them out. Does your dentist give them to his own kids?Is your dentist sure that CariFree will work? Does HE and his family use it and how long have they used this system: I think it was only just developed?

Yes, I am familiar with the company. There are lots of people selling products that won’t give you improvement like you just witnessed in the past four months. I cannot imagine why you would WANT to change. My family and I, my friends, patients and employees ALL use the system that I recommend ALL with stunning results. Will you get this from the products you are being sold does you dentist know for sure? You have to decide what you do. I think it is unfortunate that you experience fantastic improvement but now the idea is to change what you are doing. Sadly, I hear stories like this every day. For me, I feel that I have done my part and I know that I have given advice for honest reasons. I have shown you a way that WORKS. No company makes money from the rinses and system that I recommend. Now you decide.

I wish you well,
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