Spiffies for Infants

Hello there-

I have a daughter who will be two months old and i would like to use the spiffies on her but when i purchased them i noticed that the package says to use on infants 4 months and older. Can i possible use them on her still or must i wait till she hits the 4 month marker?? thank you.


Dear K

I wrote to my friend Dr. Wagner , the pediatrician who invented Spiffies. His reply to your question is below. He said:

The new mother can safely use the wipes in her 2 month old. We have seen them used in babies under a month of age for cleaning candidal thrush from the mouth. Spiffies are made from food ingredients including xylitol that are approved by the FDA for use in all age groups.

So, feel free to continue using Spiffies, and please let me know if I can be of any other help to you,


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