Buying Zellies in the UK


I saw your product re reducing the acid content in your mouth and I was wondering if you could buy these in the UK?

– P

Hi P,

I appreciate your interest in Zellies products.

Recently shipping to oversees addresses has become too difficult. We are working on a solution to the problem and will notify you when things change.

In the meantime I would advise you to look at the idea of using a “UK” version of my Complete Mouth Care System.

You will have to use Retardex in place of Closys ( found in Boots the Chemist stores made by OralB). Crest Regular paste is available I believe and also the Listerine. In place of ACT you may need to use Fluoriguard, a Colgate product.

Since Zellies are not available you can make up your own xylitol solution not as tasty but it will work. Tesco sells xylitol as a product called Perfect Sweet I believe. Dissolve a teaspoon of this xylitol in a bottle of water and use it as a “tooth wash” after meals.

The results are quite amazing and I am sure you will be pleased. Let me know if you need me to answer any other questions and I would be delighted to hear an occasional progress report!

Best Wishes,

Ellie Phillips DDS
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 272-1270

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