Time to Heal Tooth?

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I’ve been using your system for about a month and I’m pleased with the way my mouth feels. I’m thinking of turbo charging your system by ordering your granular packets and letting them dissolve over the tooth with a cavity or should I put it in water and just swish it around 3x a day? Also, is it better to do the 3 rinse before breakfast or after?

You mentioned that a boy had deep occlusal cavities that healed. Do you know of any middle-age adult cavities on the side of molars? I had a recent x-ray and appears to not have changed much from 4/08. My question to you is, do you think I still have time or could I end up having a root canal or tooth extracted as one dentist suggested if I don’t fill now?

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi L,
I will try to answer all your questions – sorry for the delay, but life gets really hectic from time to time!

I think it is a great idea to “turbo charge” with granular packets of xylitol. The best time to use xylitol is always after eating or drinking. Harmful plaque bacteria multiply about three fold after meals – so we need xylitol after meals for maximum effect.

You can let granular xylitol dissolve in your mouth or use it in water as a “tooth wash” multiple times a day. I think 4 gram packets provide an excellent way to ensure a minimum of 6.5 grams a day. You will get 4 grams from one packet of granular and then add the few mints or gum to eat after meals or when your mouth is dry.

I suggest this “turbo charge” for anyone starting the system (to eliminate plaque as quickly as possible) and also for anyone who experiences staining of teeth ( since this is usually caused by re-infection with harmful bacteria – which die off and form a band of staining around the teeth).

Cavities will heal no matter if you are a child, teen or an older adult. Remineralization can occur at any age. I would give this cavity some time to heal – we have many stories of reversal in about 6 months.

You MUST do the rinsing that I recommend along with the xylitol for this to work and for the healing to occur. Most effective to use the rinses 12 hours apart – and always last thing before sleeping.

Keep ACT rinse in your mouth for as long as you can at the end of the rinses. This is the catalyst that creates the final healing of the tooth.

Act works in harmony with the xylitol.

I think this would be great to have another X ray taken at your next visit and compare them.
I cannot advise you because I cannot get between you and your dentist and I cannot prescribe a treatment from an on-line X ray. You would need to discuss this with your dentist – but I think he may be excited to watch this cavity with you!

I have a video of an adult tooth healing – I will try to find it and send it out in my next newsletter for you to see.

Best Wishes,

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