Tooth Care for a Broke College Student

Dr. Ellie:

Hi, maybe you can help. I have 3 questions, but first let me give you some background. I’ve never had a cavity that hasn’t fallen out due to baby teeth ever. This would be my first one, if it is one. It’s on bottom 2nd molar and it’s a black risen spot near the gum (I ran across it with a sterilized blunt metal object, which didn’t hurt), before I found your site I found other sites that stated if I used a salt water solution, toothpaste without glycerin and mouthwash (I use Crest) and stayed away from sugary foods I would be fine. (I also started to take multivitamins more religiously since I figured to rebuild, my body would need vitamins.)

According to your program I should now use ACT and xylitol. As a broke college student are they both truly necessary or can I continue on the saltwater system? And if I continue on your system or the saltwater system would it be too late? My tooth hurts when I drink something sweet and I haven’t saltwater rinsed in a while, but after I rinse it out with the saltwater rinse the pain goes away and it sort of turns into a slight pushing feeling. By reading I’m assuming it’s hit my dentin.

My gums also hurt between the last 2 molars (I’m assuming that’s why it hurts when I drink something sweet but not when I actually touch the black spot) when I floss. So with all that said my last question would be is it a cavity I can heal? I won’t be able to see a dentist for a few months because of classes but I figure if I start on your program or continue the one I’m on more religiously it’ll go away and I won’t need to go.

Broke College Student

Dear College Student

Ideally, I would suggest you use my system – but I understand the life of a broke college student!

So let’s leave out the expensive Closys rinse. (Of course dental fillings = mega bucks!)

So……what do I recommend……for a broke college student?
ACT mouth rinse is essential!!!!

Ingredients for minimum care (if your want to reverse/remineralize a dental problem) :
about $10 for the oral care “ingredients” and
$5 for a month’s supply of granular xylitol = $15 ……..
Crest Regular Original toothpaste – search for it: difficult to find – although not expensive (about $1.00),
Listerine (about $4.00)
A squeaky-clean toothbrush ( see brush cleaning directions using Listerine)
ACT mouth rinse ( essential!) – about $4.00 in Wal-Mart I think…..
Some form of xylitol that will allow you to expose your teeth to xylitol at least 3-4 times a day: always after meals/snacks/drinks.

Make sure you Brush-Listerine-ACT – with the above ingredients, before sleeping at night ( your teeth will heal while you sleep!).
Use the routine again in the morning or, if you are short of time – at very least – swish with ACT!

It does not matter how much ACT you use – it is the length of time it is in contact with your teeth that is important – swish for a couple of minutes. It does not matter the kind of xylitol you use – make sure it is 100 percent xylitol. Beware – sorbitol will interfere with healing (so avoid Trident, Orbit etc).

You can buy Zellies mints and gum – they are delicious but an investment. If you can’t afford them, you can buy granular xylitol from a health food store or on line (about $10.00 per pound).

Add two teaspoons of granular xylitol to a water bottle. Travel with this bottle during your school day – sipping this “tooth wash” whenever you like – often and frequently is the best. A pound of granular xylitol should give you about 2 months supply of xylitol to help repair your teeth!

It is the combination and regular exposure to xylitol and dilute fluoride that will synergistically/harmoniously heal your teeth.

Don’t be worried if the color of this tooth is dark – dark is not always a problem. Teeth that are healing may look darker – almost like a scab on a skin wound.

Eventually you may need to have a filling – I cannot guarantee the outcome obviously, since I have no idea about this particular tooth and the amount of repair needed. I would like to see you invest in the Closys rinse to complete the entire system – especially since it sounds as if your gum may also be involved in your problem.

For now, see how the simple rinses work – then you can decide if you want to try my entire system – maybe the kit would fit your Holiday Stocking!

In any case, you can prevent more damage and start healing. Good luck and please let me know in a couple of months how things are going.


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