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Aloha Dr. Ellie:

I have been on your system since April and I can’t say enough about it. My sister introduced me to it and both my husband and I are on it and we are amazed by the results. My dentist is very pleased with my results as well..and is on the xylitol bandwagon which is wonderful. I did have a question/concern regarding the staining that both my husband and I are experiencing.

We both had our teeth cleaned two months ago and our hygienist did polish off the dead plaque stains, however, they have come back again even though we have been diligent with the “system” and making sure we keep up the 7 grams of xylitol daily. Any advice on how to get rid of the staining, it’s right in between the teeth. Thank you so much for all your work on this wonderful program. Both my sister and I are so excited about it as we both have had a history of bad teeth karma and dentistry experiences and we can finally put that all to rest thanks to your excellent system!!!!


Hi M,

When you start using xylitol it takes between one and two months to eliminate harmful plaque germs from your teeth. If you started the program in April – we can say your teeth would be “clean” by June.

This was when I calculate you had a cleaning.

The problem is plaque germs continue to exist in your mouth – (on your tongue and in saliva).
These can lodge between your teeth as they die off – causing a stain that is not harmful – just annoying.

It appears that certain water supplies make this staining worse than others. Possibly well water or sulphur containing water being some of the worst – staining up the dead remnants.

After six months on the system (April – September) you should have eliminated all the harmful bacteria from your entire mouth. After your next cleaning, I would expect this staining to go away.

I have tried to experiment to find out if there is any safe way for people to remove this staining by themselves. Don’t scrape at it – there is too much risk that you damage the enamel.

It sounds a little strange – but you can try eating fresh pineapple before you clean your teeth!
Take about 15 minutes to nibble some fresh pineapple.
This will give the juice time to coat your teeth.
Now begin the usual routine: Closys, brush, Listerine, ACT etc…….

My experiences seem to be that some of the stains disappear with this method. I would be interested in your observations.

Please let me know if you think this works – I am not sure how to measure success – but feedback would be great!

Thanks again for your message – here is a link to my information about dead plaque staining FYI

Have a great weekend and thanks again for your message,
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