Pediatric Dentistry and Alternative to Proceedure

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I need help, my 8 yr. old son has just had a cavity removed to prepare for a filling. the dentist says that the cavity was to deep and needs a pulpotomy. I was wondering if there is an alternitive to this because I had root canals as a young child and from that all my adult teeth grow in rotten?

I truely believe that if is root is killed and something dead stays in his body that it will only create infection and maybe rot the adult molar. The alternitive that I am aware of is to extract the tooth but then he will need a space maintaner until his adult molar comes in. are there any other options???


Hi A,

At this stage in the game I think your dentist has suggested the only options.

Cavities and bad teeth are caused by a mouth infection – bacteria/germs that should not be in the mouth. Zellies and other kinds of xylitol are a delicious and effective way to wipe out this infection.

I would suggest you have this tooth filled – even with a pulpotomy. But you must realize that this filling does not stop the infection: it only solved the result of the infection.

You MUST get a grip on this infection in your son’s mouth and also for the rest of the family.
This infection is contageous, transmissible and it grows on toothbrushes!

–>Everyone in the family should clean their toothbrush every day.
–>Everyone in the family should eat 6-10 grams of 100 percent xylitol in 3-4 divided doses, spaced out after meals throughout the day
–>Everyone in the family should use ACT mouth rinse morning and night (to work with xylitol to repair and strengthen teeth).

Use this bad situation to change your entire family’s oral health. This can be the end of bad teeth for you and your family – but you HAVE to take action – read again the three most important points above and DO them!

I know that if you follow these three rules – you will see dramatic and positive changes in your family’s oral health!

Good luck – I think this was a wake up call and now you can help your son for the rest of his life enjoy better oral health!

Let me know if I can help with any other questions,

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