Is Rinsing with Xylitlol Effective?

Dr. Ellie,

Can I rinse with some diluted xylitol in place of Closys since it is ph balanced also?
Also , do I need to rinse with anything if my saliva is already alkaline before brushing. The reason I ask is because I like to brush after eating sometimes at work, so I wanted to know if I always needed to rinse before brushing. I use the mints and gum, but I like to brush also sometimes.


Hi D,

You can add and subtract anything you want to this Complete Mouth Care “recipe”. I don’t think it will be a problem – but my recommendation would be to use the entire system. Sometimes availability makes it necessary to change things – and people do this from time to time.

Just like a cake, when you change a recipe – the outcome will be different. Closys has more advantages than just changing mouth pH. Closys is virtually an insurance against gum disease. I notice the difference if I omit Closys – this omission does not make my mouth feel bad – just not “as good”.

There is no problem brushing if your mouth is alkaline. The concern is acid softened enamel which can be easily abraded. If you pay attention to what you eat at the end of a meal – you will leave your mouth pH balanced.

In the old days people would drink milk at the end of a meal – alkaline and very good for teeth.
Cheese offers a nice alkaline ending for a meal. If you read my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye it has a chapter about foods that are tooth protective and therefore good endings to meals.

Xylitol just happens to be the most tooth protective of all foods since it makes the mouth alkaline and also has a specific anti-bacterial effect on cavity forming bacteria and also on harmful mouth yeast infections.

Hope this helps!
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