Alcohol in Listerine

Hi Dr. Ellie:

If someone couldn’t use Listerine because of the alcohol content could they still use Closys, Crest, and Act and still get any benefits or should they not bother? Thanks for your help.


Hi RC,

There is no problem for you to use part of the system – all the “ingredients” are good. The situation is that the amazing benefits occur fastest and most completely when you put all the ingredients together in this special order (It is somewhat like following a cake recipe – if you make changes the outcome may not be quite as good: but it will still be good – don’t worry!).

The reason for the system “outcome” is explained through biochemistry. I describe what is happening when you use the system in simple terms (but detail) in my soon-to-be published book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye. I hope you will look for it in bookstores January 1st 2010!

Listerine has been given a bad name and feared because of its alcohol content. There are interesting studies that show – even people with dry mouth- should not fear Listerine.

I suggest washing Listerine off teeth with the final mouth rinse ACT (which has no alcohol and so will it remove any “Listerine alcohol” quickly from your mouth).

Listerine can be diluted if it is too “strong”. A dilute solution will be useful and will help make the system work a little better. On the other hand, if alcohol is out of the question – go ahead and use the other parts – you will not be disappointed!

Good luck and please let me know if you have any more questions,

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