Monosodium phosphate

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Monosodium phosphate (NaH2PO4) Is said to rebuild teeth?


Hi P,

Many of these toothpaste comparison studies are flawed and often relate to short timelines.

Sodium monofluorophosphate is usually chosen for cost effectiveness (=more profit).
It can be combined with chalk-based products which makes it cheaper to produce – and for these reasons it has been frequently promoted for use in developing countries.

The actual fluoride in this compound is tightly covalent so it requires enzymic hydrolysis to release the fluoride ions for remineralization.

I prefer sodium fluoride paste (Crest Original). The active ingredient cannot be combined with the chalk abrasives. The problem for toothpaste companies is that such formulation is more expensive.

Studies by Bowen 1995 and Volpe 1995 have compared their efficacy – varying results – I will stick with Crest Original with sodium fluoride!

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  • chigozie says:

    with all due respect doctor, you have not answered the question, you are talking about Sodium monofluorophosphate, the question is about Monosodium phosphate, which does not contain flouride. do you have any opinion about Monosodium phosphate? thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    A chemist I am not, but monofluorophosphate is not the same substance as monosodium phosphate. In his book "Good Teeth From Birth To Death", Dr. Gerald F. Judd recommends taking monosodium phosphate as part of a daily routine for healthy teeth. He strongly recommends avoiding fluoride.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    So sorry – I reply to hundreds of messages every day – you are correct, I was discussing an incorrect product.I do not have either experience, nor a strong opinion on Monosodium Phosphate, yet, I am always interested to learn more about how different substances react together.I realize that Monosodium Phosphate could be helpful for teeth. It contains useful "ingredients" and also is supposed to balance body pH, from what I know.There is a chemist, Dr. Judd who has been a proponent of this supplement/product for some time.As a clinical dentist, I draw from experience, looking at teeth for 35 years.I present to the public what I have observed, what I and my family use, and what has worked for everyone who follows my system.There may be other ways to reach the end goal of perfect oral health – but I teach what I know will work.I do not think adding Monosodium Phosphate would be a problem – and it may help people with deficient diets or high body acidity.Thank you for your interest.Elliewww.zellies.com26 Corporate WoodsRochester, NY 14623(585) 272-1270

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