Can Apple Cider Vinegar Harm My Teeth?

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I started on your system about 3 months ago and have had super results. I had several teeth where the gums were recessing and dark areas covered the recessed area. I knew it would be trouble at the next dentist visit. I wanted to see what I could do myself before I went to the dentist with this issue. .

So, I started on your system, and the recessed area is moving back to normal. It is almost to where you can’t even tell that it was recessed. I am so thrilled.

Also, my teeth are getting whiter, which I love.

My question: Occasionally if I catch a cold or various other illness, I use apple cider vinegar as a remedy. It can be quite effective for a number of maladies. I use one or two TBSP. in one cup of water – several times a day. On an occasional basis, is this going to be problematic for my teeth. Should I chew Zellies before I drink or after or what is a better solution.

Thanks for your great system.


Hi C:

I am delighted to hear about your positive results on the Complete Mouth Care System!
Congratulations on making the effort to try it!

I love apple cider vinegar and I combine it with honey as a health drink. I agree it is an amazing ‘cure” for a number of things and encourage you to enjoy such a great remedy drink! Other people drink lemon juice for health reasons.

You are correct that there is danger for teeth when exposed to these acidic liquids. The solution is to drink your drink and then immediately after it, eat a Zellie mint or gum directly after the drink.

The fruit Zellies mints are delicious after something acidic or perhaps the cinnamon or fruit gum would be another option. ( I am considering how they would taste after the cider vinegar!)

I suggest that after EVERY meal, drink or snack ( or cider-vinegar drink) everyone on the Complete Mouth Care System should use xylitol to “wash” away acidity from their teeth. Thanks so much for your question – keep up the good work!

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  • Wooding says:

    I have been drinking apple cider vinegar, and just notice that my gums are reseeding. I'm very worried I have nice teeth! What should I do?? Can I change my gums, how should I drink the vinegar so I don't do more damage!

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Drinking Cider Vinegar once a day would not be the reason your gums are receding.I would suspect that something else is causing the problem – but this drink is acidic – so you should protect your teeth cider vinegar AND from ANY drink or food that is sweet or acidic ( by following every meal/ drink/snack with some Zellies or granular xylitol).If your gums are receding without any bleeding – then I suspect peroxide ( or any bleaching treatment) or the use of baking soda ( especially if you are a woman) to have caused this problem.Both these products are used in toothpastes and mouth rinses – so beware!The only time they may be OK is if you have a strong immune system, no stress, an alkaline mouth and lots of liquid saliva to lubricate your teeth.If you have a dry mouth, allergies or sinus issues that make you breathe through your mouth, hormonal imbalance, stress or a weak immune system – you should NEVER use peroxide or baking soda in any oral care products (in my opinion).My advice is to get on my program!!Basically you must protect your teeth by eating a Zellie mint after anything acidic ( especially after cider vinegar).Morning and night you must follow the routine that I recommend. This special routine of over-the-counter mouth rinses will build strength into your teeth and make them more resistant to acidic attack and will help your gums heal as much as is possible.I cannot tell you how much they will heal – but it is often significant.If you floss a lot – you may want to stop – and take a flossing holiday!

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