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Dear Ellie,

I hope that this finds you well. Things are going well here.

I am about to get braces on my teeth. I have an open bite that is affecting my back teeth quite a bit. Do you have any advice for the time the braces are on my teeth. Do I need to floss a lot? Will the gum get caught on the braces? (I am nervous about not chewing gum. I have had so many cavities over the course of my life that I am nervous about not chewing the gum; it seems like it cleans the teeth best after eating.) Is it OK to follow your plan, since there will be metal in my mouth? Also, I plan on getting the ceramic brackets, for less metal in my mouth. Anyway, thank you again for your time and info. I have pre-ordered your book. I am looking forward to reading it.

God bless you,

Hi A,

What a perfect time to get going on the Complete Mouth Care System!

Anyone contemplating braces should consider the Complete Mouth Care System before braces go on – and all through treatment! Having braces or crowns makes cleaning more difficult – so this system will help you. Closys used before brushing and the other rinses, combined with xylitol will keep your oral hygiene perfect!

Make sure you have at least 6-10 grams of xylitol each day.

If gum is not an option, what about the Zellies mints in fruit or mint flavors? (Wegmans sells them in the Nature’s Marketplace area -classified as “healthy candy”). Your other option is to get granular xylitol and dissolve a couple of teaspoons in a bottle of water each morning.
You can sip this water on and off and after meals, snacks etc during the day – it will provide little ‘sips’ of xylitol.

Many people combine this “Z” water with some after meal mints – as a good way to ensure they get enough xylitol each day.

Good luck and I am glad you are being pro-active for your oral health
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