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Dear Dr. Ellie

I heard about the Zellies system and I thought I would give it a go. I’ve been using the system for about a month now. My tongue has been irritated for approx. the last 5 days the irritation is at its peak when I first put the ACT fluoride mouth wash in my mouth. I get a small amount of irritation when I put the Listerine in my mouth.

Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve been diluting my Listerine from 1 part one water one part listerine to three parts water to one part Listerine. Here’s what I’ve been doing First Closys mouth wash for about 70 seconds. Next I brush my teeth for two mins focusing where the teeth meet the gum line. I wash my mouth with water between brushing and Listerine. Third I swish CVS generic Listerine, same active ingredients and amounts as Name brand Listerine. There is where I first get a small amount of irritation on the tip of my tongue. Next I put ACT in my mouth w/o rinsing with water in between. I swish for 2 mins and 30 seconds with ACT. I spit out the ACT and don’t eat or drink for 30 mins afterwards.

I also use Xylitol gum after drinking juice, snacking, before naps, and after meals. In addition my gums were in bad shape when I started the Zellies system so I need to use warm salt water rinse. I try to do this mid as not to interfere with the Zellies system.

The system does work. I noticed in less than a week a drastic change in how sensitive my teeth were. I could eat cold ice cream without wincing in pain. In addition the swelling in my gums was radically reduced. I’ve noticed less gum pain in general especially while eating.

-W, a college student

Hi W,

Glad to hear that you are giving this system a try.

The two points I notice from your great and detailed description:
1.) You do not need to rinse toothpaste out with water between the brushing and Listerine just use Listerine to wash the toothpaste off your teeth.
( You did not mention: but I assume you are using Crest Regular Anticavity Original paste no additives, correct?)

2.) I would suggest you get real Listerine a small 500 ml bottle about the cost of a latte!
Dilute this 50-50% with water and see if these changes alter the sensation you are getting.

It sounds as if it may be a colorant in the CVS brand that is creating this “reaction” of course this is a hunch…..please let me know after a couple of days what you notice.

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