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Dr. Ellie,

I was told also that I have a cracked filling that needs replaced (giving me no trouble whatsoever ); that I have a wisdom tooth that needs to be removed; that a filling on the right side needs to be replaced since (a former dentist filled a cavity and then let the filling overhang the side).

Their explanations to my questions and objections confused me more. They had never heard of xylitol or Closys – except the youngest on the team had heard of xylitol but didn’t think it guaranteed there would be no cavities. Then the dentist wished me a good day and walked out.

So, will you please share your opinion or response? I am angry at myself for being so gullitble as to believe a dentist would, could, maybe support a practice that would undermine his income. But, I’m learning I guess. Be that as it may, I am trying to decide what to do now – a second opinion, have the work done , rely soly on the health care system .

Thanks for responding

Thank you,

Hi TD,

I am sorry for your experience.I would suggest you stay on my system – and for any life-question, my advice is always …..:
“when in doubt – do nothing!”

I cannot advise you about your teeth – especially if another professional has told you what to do.
I can only smile and say – “think long and hard before you spend too much money!”

Hope this helps,

By the way – if you diligently stay on my system – I believe those cracks will heal up… themselves!
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