Toddler Tooth Decay

Dear Dr. Ellie:

My 3 year old son had tooth decay and pediatric dentist told us that 3 tooth to be extracted.and 2 fillings done. We got the fillings done but I am worried about extractions and don’t want his teeth to be extracted. Is there any way I can save his teeth? I bought the ACT bubblegum flavour today and using it everyday for him by brushing the teeth with 1 drop. What else should I do apart from this?

Thanks in Advance

Hi R,

I cannot tell you if your son’s teeth need to be extracted or not, but I am very happy you have found Zellies website!

You need to make sure your son has at least one and a half teaspoons of xylitol each day. He can enjoy xylitol in any form, but at his age usually it is best to work with granular xylitol.
most health food stores sell granular xylitol by the pound.

Zellies granular xylitol is derived from birch trees and I think it is the best source, but honestly it probably doesn’t matter even if it comes from corn. Check only to make sure that it is 100 percent xylitol and is not mixed with other similar sounding ingredients!

Dissolve one and a half teaspoons of granular xylitol in a little water each day.
Do not give him this to drink all at once, because it is better to have a little sip of this special water often.

It is good to have him sip a little after meals and also before nap time. If he likes to eat granular xylitol off a spoon – that is a good idea at the end of meals – as a little treat. You could offer him a quarter of a teaspoon or even dip some fresh fruits (like strawberries in this granular xylitol as a yummy dessert!).

As he gets older your son may like to have Zellies fruit mints or gum, or the kid’s raspberry gum.
You can mix and match – but try to make sure that he has at least 6.5 grams of xylitol each day.

Use ACT brushed onto his teeth since it works in harmony with xylitol to heal teeth – often you will see results in about 6 months. Do not worry if his teeth darken in color – this can happen as cavities start to heal. I hope that your son will be able to save these teeth – but at the very least you will be helping him avoid future decay in adult teeth.

Xylitol will change the health of your son’s mouth, so his new teeth are protected from cavities!

Good luck and let me know if I can help in any other way. I would be interested to hear how things work out,

Best Wishes,

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