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Hi Dr. Ellie:

I recently purchased Zellies toothbrushes. Regarding it’s design; are the white bristles used for holding the toothpaste and applying at a 45 degree angle to the gumline, and the blue bristles used after for extra cleaning at the gumline? In this case, the blue bristles are actually above and below the tooth when cleaning with the white bristles, correct?


Hi BH,

Thanks for your interesting question. Zellies toothbrushes are not designed to be scientific they were designed to work!

If you are a regular on our website you may know that my husband and I own a restaurant. Many years ago I began to worry about the oral health of the 70 employees who worked in the restaurant. Many of these workers earn minimum wage and understandably they purchase low priced toothbrushes. I went to stores and did a survey of inexpensive toothbrushes and was totally shocked by how bad they were.

I decided I had to design a good brush for our staff, and began testing all the brushes on the market. Every employee was given two brushes from this selection and they had to decide between these two different kinds.

This testing process went on for some time but quite quickly we had consistent results.
Among the staff there were two brushes that were universally liked best one was a GUM brush and the other a Mentadent.

From this process I decided to create the best features of those two brushes for the Zellies toothbrush. To this day many people tell me it is one of the best brushes they have ever used especially at the inexpensive price point.

More than anything, I believe it is most important to enjoy brushing your teeth and like the way your brush feels on your gums. I also think it is vital to keep your brush immaculately clean every day (using my Listerine toothbrush cleaning technique). I am appalled when I hear of people who have battled gum disease for years and never been told how to clean their toothbrush.

Thanks again for your question and happy brushing!

Ellie Phillips DDS

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