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My almost 12 month old son has some pretty severe decay on his top front teeth. I first noticed this about two months ago, but was unable to find a dentist in my area that would see a child before 12 months. I have an appointment for him in August, but am wondering how best to brush his teeth in the meantime.

Currently, I’m using a baby fingertip toothbrush or a regular soft bristled baby brush. They are both obviously hurting him. What would you recommend?


Hi AS,

I would suggest you purchase granular xylitol and a small bottle of ACT bubblegum rinse.
ACT is a rinse (and obviously your child cannot use a rinse yet) but you will use ACT in place of toothpasteone drop on the brush or on a soft clean cloth.

Apply a drop of ACT to his damaged teeth twice each day.The ACT will help HEAL the existing cavities.

If you combine this treatment with xylitol you will stop the cavities getting worse and may be able to reverse them so they go away ( it is called remineralization). I don’t know how bad the decay is but this treatment is amazing!

You need to give your son one and a half teaspoons of granular xylitol each day. You must use at least this amount or it will not work. Xylitol can be given on a spoon (as sweet crystals to eat) or dissolved in water as a drink.

Divide the granular xylitol into small amounts eaten/or as a drink after meals, five or six times a day. My suggestion is to portion one and a half teaspoons of granular xylitol and dissolve half in a small amount of water.

Use this” Z water” in a bottle or sippy cup as a little drink during the day and before naptime. Use the remaining xylitol as a treat after cookies, candy or meals: give it from a spoon kids love it!

As your child gets older you can continue but instead of xylitol from a spoon they may enjoy chewing gum and mints like Zellies mints made from 100 percent xylitol.

All your family should work on this program since cavity bacteria spread from mouths during kisses or when sharing food. Eating one and a half teaspoons xylitol each day will wipe out harmful germs/bacteria from adult and children’s mouths. All the family should rinse with ACT after brushing teeth morning and night.

I suggest only use Crest Original toothpaste and make sure your toothbrushes are cleaned every day in a little Listerine, rinse out and store dry.

Good luck (….as they say….. “You Can Do It!!) Please let me know if you have any other questions,

Ellie Phillips DDS
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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