Xylitol Gum and Candy

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Sorry one more question, so if I use a combination of the xylitol gum and candy daily how many of each should I consume daily….. I know for the candy it’s between 12-20 but is it the same for the gum? Thanks so much.


Hi L,

Here are the facts:

You want to have at least 6-7 grams of xylitol each day to make your mouth truly healthy.
It works best if you have xylitol at the end of meals after drinks and snacks (to “clean” your teeth after eating or drinking). For maximum effect, studies show that you need to have some xylitol three five times a day( after meals/snacks/drinks).

The method of putting xylitol “into your mouth” is not important. You could eat some granular xylitol off a spoon and it would work! Gum is just a way of transferring xylitol into your mouth the mints also work like this.

Each piece of gum is approximately 1 gram xylitol and each mint is half a gram (0.5 grams)
You can mix and match how you achieve your total of 6 grams a day.

For example:
You could have a piece of gum after breakfast (1 gram)
Two mints after your morning coffee (1 gram)
A piece of gum after lunch (1 gram)
Then dip some banana or strawberries into a teaspoon of granular xylitol for dessert after dinner (4 grams)

Does this make sense?
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