Xylitol and Dental Work

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Does Xylitol build up on Dental work, she has a daughter who has an expander. Please contact. She would like to know if she should wait to introduce it to her daughter after the dental work is removed


Dear JL:

Xylitol prevents build up on dental work! I would suggest using xylitol to keep teeth healthy during orthodontics.

Bands and wires from appliances make plaque more likely to attack teeth at this time. The result for unprotected teeth can be white spots and even permanent scarring of the enamel. Xylitol is an excellent way to eliminate plaque on teeth and avoid this danger.

Chewing gum may not be a good idea with braces because it may stick to them. Zellies fast dissolving mints are a perfect option. The mint mints have a good mint flavor and the fruit mints are fruity (yummy and delicious!)

I would suggest paying close attention to the kind of toothpaste and mouth rinses used at this time. I don’t know if anyone has made suggestions for your daughter.

I would suggest only Crest Original toothpaste (no additives of any kind) and ACT original mouthrinse, used twice a day after brushing. Have her enjoy one of two Zellies mints after every meal, snack or drink. Zellies will clear away the damaging sugars and acidity after meals and drinks.

Thank you for your question

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