Sensitive Teeth and on a Budget

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Hello, I stumbled across your site while looking for an answer to my tooth question on google. I have pretty sensitive teeth so I just used to shy away from very cold or very hot food/drinks. I started using sensodyne about 6 months ago and it made it easier to deal with hot and cold.

Lately though, I’ve been having sensitivity.. or very slight tooth pain in or around my back teeth on one side. It changes side from time to time and sometimes the pain will be closer to my front teeth. It’s too slight to pinpoint where it’s coming from other than the general area. 

It’s not even close to enough to prevent me from eating or drinking and it goes away if I brush and floss. I was wondering if it’s going away because I brush with Sensodyne and I should be worried, or is it just bacteria hiding away in my gums and when it gets brushed away, it stops the irritation. Should I just start rinsing my mouth with mouth wash more often? I don’t have insurance right now and no income for the time being so any help would be appreciated.



Hi J,

I cannot diagnose from a computer, but it sounds to me as if you have damage to your teeth from mouth acidity of some kind.

Teeth become soft and porous, so that liquids and cold things can travel in the little holes in your teeth to irritate nerves inside. Sensodyne is like a putty or spackle it will block up the holes and help for a while, but it does not solve your problems.

I would suggest you only use Crest Original toothpaste, and then rinse with ACT original, dilute fluoride anticavity rinse. ACT costs around $5 in most grocery stores. You do not need the Restore variety the original kind is less expensive and works perfectly.

You also need a pound of granular xylitol from a health food store it costs about $8.00 for a pound and looks just like a bag of sugar.

Part One:
Morning and night you should brush your teeth with Crest Original Paste (be certain it is not ProHealth, baking soda or any other kind) and then rinse with ACT rinse (keeping it in your mouth for as long as possible). Spit the rinse out, but do not eat or drink for at least half an hour….The longer the residue from this rinse is on your teeth the stronger your teeth will become. Strong teeth = less sensitive = better looking = better feeling = healthier!! Yeah! This part is simple.

Part Two:
Every day eat two teaspoons of granular xylitol.

Divide this amount up into four separate times each day after meals, or after drinks, or snacks.
So, half a teaspoon after breakfast, same after lunch, in the afternoon and after dinner at night.
You can eat it off a spoon, or dissolve it in a little water as a drink or dip some fruit into it as a dessert.

If you want more information about what this xylitol is doing you can find out on . Basically it will work with your mouth rinses to harden up your teeth and repair the problems with them.
If you like the results you can consider getting on the entire mouth rinse system and perhaps treat yourself to a jar of Zellies!

Good luck -You can do it!

Ellie Phillips DDS

26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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