Listerine on a Budget

Hi Dr. Ellie

Thanks so much for the quick reply to my email! Wish there were more health care practitioners like you, who are not in it mainly for the $$. 🙂 I’ll try what you’ve suggested about brush hygiene that’s something I admittedly have never really paid attention to in my life! Quick follow-up question though: Would isopropyl alcohol work just as well as Listerine to disinfect the brush? (It’s presumably an even stronger antiseptic…) I ask because I’m on a humble budget, so using (very expensive) Listerine for anything other than actually rinsing might get too costly after a while…

Thanks! M

Hi M,

I am sorry to say I will only recommend Listerine for this. You only need a drop put it into a cup, then swish the head of your brush in it. Rinse it off.

Sometimes you can find big bottles of Listerine at places like the Dollar Store or BJs. Maybe you can find a co worker and spit a large bottle with them? They are often on clearance at Target as well.

It is the essential oils and the alcohol in Listerine that clean the brush actually loosening the bacteria that you then rinse off the brush.

For people on a budget I always say that they can economize on the amount of rinse they use.

You only need a drop of toothpaste on your brush.

Keep Closys in your mouth a little longer use a little less  it will work the same.

This is also good for the ACT you do not need a full “cup” of the rinse to strengthen your teeth.

It only depends on the length of time that it is in contact with your teeth that matters.

Good luck and let me know how this works out for you!
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