Color in Closys

Dear Dr. Ellie

Is it a good idea to add a natural vegetable color to the closys, since it is clear, for someone with poor vision to be able to better see how much is actually being poured?

Thank you,

Hi A,

I would not suggest adding color. I do not know what the outcome would be and I am concerned that the color could stain teeth.

Soon we will be selling a 64 oz Closys in a jug style container. This large size Closys comes with a neat little pump that fits in the top of the jug.

I would suggest that this could be a solution for someone with poor vision. They would know that one pump would dispense the correct amount into a cup.

The 1.5 ml Listerine bottles also have a pump available (that we sell) and this could provide a similar way to dispense the correct amount of Listerine.

What do you think?
Thanks for your interest,
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