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Dear Dr. Ellie,

Hi, I’m 18 yrs old I just had all my wisdom teeth taken out 2 days ago and I noticed today that the bottom half of my front teeth are very white. I am very confused about this cause this has never happened to me before. Could it be from not brushing for 2 days? Please help me.


Dear AW,

Sorry to hear about your teeth but don’t worry because the good news is that teeth can repair themselves! It may be that your teeth have been drier than usual, or it may be from plaque, or juice/sports drinks.

In any case, I would suggest you get some granular xylitol from a health food store (or online) and dissolve this in your mouth and allow this sugary liquid to flow over these teeth. Do this several times a day until you have eaten about a teaspoon and a half of xylitol each day.

If you want to buy 100 percent xylitol mints or gum you can use these instead but DO NOT use cheap gum that contains sorbitol it is bad and grows plaque on teeth.

For cleaning your teeth I would suggest using a clean toothbrush and Crest Original toothpaste (no added whitening or tartar control products in it). After brushing you should rinse your teeth with ACT dilute fluoride rinse. The combination of xylitol and this cleaning will not only stop plaque on your teeth but will heal and protect these white spots that may have formed.

White Spots are demineralized areas of tooth enamel parts of your tooth that have lost their minerals. Using xylitol and dilute fluoride rinsing ( in the way that I have described) will put these minerals back into your tooth and restore its health and eventually its color. The time this takes depends on how much damage has been done usually things improve in two to three weeks. Personally, I would suggest you continue with this treatment of your teeth forever!

Thanks for your question,

Please let me know if I can help in any other way,


Ellie Phillips DDS
 26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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