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Dear Dr. Ellie

I have had a horrible time with bad breath for many years, including quiting my teaching position. Is the flavor of the gums/mints really strong? It seems the gums from Therabreath are so strong for me that I can’t even use them.


Dear MB,

Thank you for your message.

I can help you and to prove this I am going to advise you to do three things today!

1. Clean Your Toothbrush completely!

(This should be done every day)

Clean your toothbrush in some Listerine after every time you use it.

Your brush must be swished in a little cup of Listerine, rinsed out, and allowed to dry in the air uncovered before you use it again. Make sure your brush is not stored near a toilet maybe use your kitchen sink for tooth cleaning.

Toilet bacteria can grow on toothbrushes and contribute to this problem.

2. Get Closys mouthrinse and use it BEFORE you brush your teeth

(If you have a Walgreens near you they may sell this products but only Walgreens stores otherwise order some from us on-line). Do not add flavor to this rinse If you use it plain it will taste like nothing like water but don’t be fooled: this is an amazing rinse!

Take a mouthful of Closys and swish it round your mouth for one to two minutes before you brush your teeth. Do this twice a day: before your brush your teeth in the morning, and again before you brush your teeth at night.

3. Use only Crest Original Toothpaste
I don’t care what kind of paste you have been given/told to use/ purchased etc.
Put them all away and buy some Crest Original Toothpaste no additives, no whitening, no ProHealth, no tartar control …NOTHING but the Original kind!

That is the start! If you feel improvements in a couple of days I would like you to consider using my Complete Mouth Care Program.

My program involves additional rinses and plenty of xylitol the healthy, natural ingredient in Zellies mints and gum. Together the entire program will stop this problem for you  forever!

I have nothing to do with the companies that make Closys or Crest, but I advise you to use these first. I hope you trust me enough to try this you will be amazed at the speed of your healing.

You have a bacterial problem but it can be quickly overcome by understanding the chemistry of the problem. You must not mix and match products and you need to try and keep your mouth acidity balanced this is where Zellies will help you.

The flavor of Zellies has nothing to do with the way they work  Zellies do not mask bad breath they eliminates it forever! You can use the fruit mints and they will work! Ha! that is different isn’t it!

Let me know if I can help you with any other questions  But be encouraged you have found the answer!

Good luck,

Ellie Phillips DDS
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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  • Bruce Hecht says:

    Closys now has a mint flavor I ordered by mistake. Is it OK to use or do I need to return?

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