Crest Orignial Toothpaste Vs. Gel

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Hi, If I get the Crest toothpaste you recommend can I get the gel if I don’t like the paste or will that ruin the complete mouth care system. Also, if I already have healthy teeth could I do the system minus the closys and still benefit? Thanks for your help.


Dear RD:

I think Crest Original gel would be a good second/alternative choice for the system.

You really don’t need much toothpaste a tiny amount is all you need and there are reasonable arguments that you don’t need paste at all!

My main suggestion with toothpaste, is to avoid:
> Bad chemical combinations ( all the “new ones” like Sensodyne and Colgate because they have bad chemistry for this system and appear to interrupt healing)

> Pastes that are too abrasive : like the Whitening, Baking soda, AIM, other “tartar control” kinds etc most are very abrasive (like sand paper) and some are even acidic!

The main purpose for Closys is to heal gum problems and keep gums healthy, however Closys is pH balanced and protects your teeth from abrasion. Abrasion happens if you brush acid softened enamel. Closys has a neutral pH to wash away any acidity from teeth.

For example, if you drink a glass of juice and then go brush your teeth you will have softened your enamel in the juice, and layers of enamel may be eroded( worn away) if you immediately brush your teeth. Using Closys can protect you from this risk.

If you are sure that you do not eat or drink acidic foods or drinks prior to tooth brushing, the other acidic concern is if your own saliva (in your mouth) is acidic or alkaline.

Women’s saliva can suddenly change and become acidic stress, hormonal, pregnancy, age related etc factors can make it acidic. The stress factor for changing saliva can happen suddenly and turn saliva in your mouth pH acidic.

If you brush your teeth when you have acidic saliva, you will wear the enamel away, just as quickly as if you had brushed after drinking juice. The problem is that you have no control over saliva acidity. Just because you have alkaline saliva today does not ensure you will tomorrow.

Stress creates an acidic mouth quickly so this is why I use Closys in my system to protect people from this hazard.

The last reason for using Closys is that it lifts out surface stains on your teeth. You may have nice white teeth now, but over the years stains can spoil the brightness of your teeth.

Closys is a very gently way to lift stains it does not happen over night but after years of using Closys, teeth seem nice and “clean/bright” looking.

(By the way I have no affiliation whatsoever with Closys I just think it is an excellent prerinse to use before brushing. You do not need much just enough to swish around your teeth to start!)

Thanks for your question,
Best Wishes,

Ellie Phillips DDS
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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