Holistic way to improve dental health

Dear Dr. Ellie:

It’s so nice to find a holistic way to improve my dental health and xylitol even aids calcium absorption for bone health. I was plagued by tooth demineralization my dentist didn’t warn me about acidic mouth rinses and I was making my situation worse. Now I’m repairing my teeth, gums and bones. There have been studies about the benefits of topical application of folic acid and CO Q10


Dear JC:

Thank you for your message. I agree with you completely!

Nutrition can play a big part in oral and general health and it is great to finally see people understanding this. Oral health can also play a huge part in general health  so let’s get everyone’s mouth healthy!

In 1970 we instructed patients who were having teeth extracted to eat fresh pineapple for a week before the extraction to speed healing. Interestingly the vitamins discovered in pineapple had not yet been found we suggested this because it worked!

Dole nutrition website today has a lot of information about the healing properties of fresh pineapple!

Thanks again for your interest!

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