Can I heal a cracked tooth?

Hi Dr Ellie,

Is it possible to remineralize a crack in a tooth using your protocol?



Dear V:

It is possible to heal a cracked tooth but it does depend on the kind of crack you really need a clinical assessment by a dentist.

My system stimulates “natural remineralization/ healing” of teeth. This is the depositing of minerals into the tooth surface. I tell people this kind of repair is like healing a wound in your skin.

Xylitol and the dilute fluoride rinse ACT work in harmony ( I suggest you use my system) and you should get layers of minerals deposited into your tooth. Xylitol puts minerals in the deeper layers of the tooth/crack and ACT works to put minerals into the surface “skin” of the tooth.

Many people with cracked and sensitive teeth have found their sensitivity goes away in about a week on this system.

I cannot guarantee your cracked tooth will heal. If you have a serious and physical split down the tooth, you would feel pain.

In most cases I would say get started on the system and see how your tooth “feels.” If it feels better then I would continue to be optimistic.

Hope this helps. It is difficult to advise because a truly cracked tooth (as occurs in an accident) cannot rebuild itself back but a small crack/ craze in the surface may heal in a matter of six to eight weeks.

I would be interested to hear more about your tooth in the future and what you did, and what happens.

Good luck and take care,

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  • R says:

    Hi Dr.Ellie,
    I have got a vertical crack on my front tooth because of chewing a hard object… its not too painful… no swelling no bleeding…. sometimes it pains n goes away… can it just be an enamel crack?… can u plz suggest me any kind of home remedies to get rid of it?…. And does an enamel crack heal on its own?

    • If you have a filling in that tooth – maybe it is the filling that has cracked. If this is a pristine tooth – then the fact that it has cracked means it is not as strong as it should be. This would be a good time to evaluate how you care for your teeth on a daily basis – and especially consider using my Complete Mouth Care System.

  • Zamir Akil says:

    Hi Dr Ellie,

    I would like to ask, does the craze lines on the teeth surface will heal and rebuild itself back to normal? Is it possible for the lines to disappear completely with diet and proper care?



  • David says:

    Could you please advise the reason for avoiding glycerin in oral care products? I notice it is very common in toothpaste. Are there studies showing it is negative for oral health? Thank you.

    • There will not be any modern studies in the US about glycerin since you are correct it is almost universally present in toothpaste and many rinses. I first noticed that it seemed to interfere with the remineralization I was looking to find. If someone’s tooth was not healing – I would investigate and usually find they were using “another” brand of toothpaste with glycerin. The Crest version I recommend does not have any glycerin in it and it was shown in studies to stop cavities before they started – in other words it helps remineralize teeth. This is what you need if you have cavities or cracked teeth. The other parts of my system help to enhance these healing properties.
      I believe there are some old studies or observations that agree with mine. A chemist long ago wrote a paper about this – but actual studies will not be done…who would pay for them? Haha! You have to realize that discovering truth is not the primary reason studies are done.

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